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Disaster Recovery

  • Westbridge Consulting are a VMware and Acronis hosted disaster recovery provider

Service Overview

How it works

Acronis Backup and Recovery images are stored in a virtual FTP server in the Westbridge vCloud with full segregation for multiple server/client images.

In the event of a DR event or server failure the Acronis image is injected into a new pay-as-you-go virtual machine in the vCloud environment. Multiple server images can be injected into multiple virtual machines for rapid recovery on a pay as you go basis.

During the disaster recovery phase, client access to the DR environment is via a VPN.

When the local environment is recovered the DR environment re-synchronises with the recovered environment.

You only pay for the recovery servers for the hours/days that they are used.


  • True Disaster Recovery at a new price point available to all business sizes
  • Complete reliability of the proven Acronis Back-up and Recovery and the Westbridge vCloud
  • Leverage the best of breed award winning Acronis Back-up and Recovery (Back-up solution of the Year)
  • Recover multiple clients and multiple servers at the same time for a true disaster impact recovery process.

Technical Overview


  • Recovery of servers within 10-30 minutes
  • Replication of on-premise server specifications in the DR environment for true server resilience and performance
  • Virtual dynamic SAN storage ensures servers receive the performance IOPs required within the vCloud recovery environment.


  • Complete segregation of multiple client recovery environments through VMware vShield appliances
  • Recover physical and all virtual environments (VMware, Hyper-V and Xenserver)
  • Recover your Acronis images in pay as you go VMware virtual machines within minutes
  • Recover all machines in the DR environment with replicated LAN networking
  • Recover multiple clients and multiple servers at the same time for a true disaster impact recovery process
  • Set company specific access and firewall rules through the vShield appliances
  • Re-synchronise back to your physical, VMware or Hyper-V environments after the DR event
  • Site to Site VPN available for individual server recovery
  • Recovery all managed from a single interface
  • Full access permission and recovery control procedures.